Pink and bling: Man springs birthday surprise on girlfriend with Porsche convertible in KL

Many of us can only fantasise about owning a sports car.

But one lucky woman in Kuala Lumpur didn’t have to dream too long as her boyfriend surprised her with a sparkly pink Porsche 718 Spyder last Saturday (Dec 3).

She told Worldofbuzz her request for a blinged up ride was nothing but a joke.

“It all began from a conversation with my boyfriend a few months ago, where I was joking about having a bling bling supercar.” 

It turns out, the man took her words seriously.

He decided to surprise her with the sweet ride on her birthday, and even went all out with the presentation – sending her the customised car in a clear container truck filled with pink heart-shaped balloons and the message “Happy Birthday”.

Her joy was captured in a video clip that she shared on her Instagram account Hippo.ysc a day later.

The young woman said she was having a girl’s night out when she saw the sports car pass her by on the street. 

“As I was trapped in the traffic, suddenly this ‘transparent truck’ passed by me and it caught my eye,” she told the Malaysian publication. 

Little did she know that it was a gift for her. 

“Who knew that a few months later, this whole joke turned into a reality? It really caught me by surprise that the car is a gift to me.” 

AsiaOne has reached out to the woman for more details.[0]=

Just last month, another woman in Johor Bahru received a yellow Porsche 718 Cayman as a birthday present in a similar manner.

When her gift appeared outside her workplace and drew a curious audience, she got shy and wanted to hide, the woman’s mother told Sin Chew Daily.

But she gave her parents a tight hug afterwards, for they delivered on their promise to give her a supercar for her 21st birthday. 

According to a local car dealer, such car delivery ceremonies first emerged in China and Malaysia recently hopped on the bandwagon.

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