The first Hari Raya-themed video went viral yesterday, and a second one this morning.

KUALA LUMPUR: Police are tracking down a man believed to be the mastermind behind the production of two Hari Raya Aidilfitri-themed advertisements promoting online gambling.

Loh Kee Hoe, 35, who has a Kuala Lumpur address, is wanted for investigation, said Dang Wangi district police chief Mohamad Zainal Abdullah. He said Loh is suspected to be involved in directing the two videos promoting online gambling which went viral on social media.

“Police are also looking for a man and a woman who acted in the second video to assist in the investigation,” he said at a press conference today.

He said police had confirmed that the first and second advertisements were produced by the same company. Although the actors in the two videos were different, they knew each other and were paid RM180 each.

The first video went viral yesterday and the second one this morning. As they were clearly launched during Ramadan, they tarnished the image of Islam and the fasting month.

Zainal said a production director and cameraman who were arrested yesterday have been remanded until April 21, while six others who were actors in the first video were released.


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