Police investigating accident that hit 11-year-old boy in Teck Whye (Video)

Police are investigating an accident after dash cam footage circulated online recently showed a car hitting a young boy.

According to the timestamps of the video, the accident happened on Tuesday at 4pm when a white car hit an 11-year-old boy while making a right turn at the junction of Teck Whye Crescent and Teck Whye Avenue.

Police yesterday said that the boy, who is a student from Teck Whye Primary School, was conscious and taken to a hospital after the accident.

The video showed the boy flipped and landed on the ground after being hit by the car. He then got up immediately with a hand to his face before the female driver got out to grab his hand and held his head.

A 53-year-old woman is assisting with ongoing investigations, the police said.

Here’s a closer shot of the accident:

There have been enough near-death accidents in recent years involving drivers making discretionary right turns that some members of parliament have called for them to be made illegal. However, the prime minister’s wife, Ho Ching, dismissed calls for the traffic law to be reviewed in 2020, saying that “laws cannot cover every situation” and that “people need to also take responsibility.”

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