Pontianak or bedsheet? ‘Stray’ white figure chills on a tree in Hougang (Video)

Something (or someone) dangling in the trees caught the eye of a Tik Toker during a gloomy rainy night.

A Tik Tok video posted yesterday showed a mysterious white cloth hanging from a tree at Hougang Avenue 8 on a rainy night. Some think that it’s a Pontianak, South East Asia’s favorite female vengeful spirit, while others are not convinced.

“Pure white cloth means it’s a stray Pontianak… Question is, does it not get wet in the heavy rain?” Tik Toker Ahmad Bafadhal wrote.

@ahmadbafadhal Pure white cloth means it’s a stray Pontianak … Question is, does it not get wet in the heavy rain? #fyp #horror #tiktok #sg #tiktoksg #singaporetiktok #hantu #pontianak #pontianakviral #viral #scary #haunted #paranormal #supernatural ♬ original sound – The Quack House

Several users in the comments theorized that it was the vampiric ghost, aka a Kuntilanak in Indonesian, sitting upright on a tree branch.

“Even the Pontianak needs to find shelter from the rain,” User Grimedsoul wrote.

“Pontianak with raincoat la, scared get wet in the rain,” User Pkbob3 wrote.

But others think that it’s maybe just a “bedsheet” that got blown by the wind.

The video also fooled some with its inserted audio of ducks quaking, which is a theory that means the Pontianaks are nearby. 👀 

The same TikToker also posted another sighting (but less convincing) in Redhill – he seems to have an affinity with the Pontianak.

So what do you think?

Here’s a brightened version of the video for you ghostbusters.


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