Singapore – A white Carrera was spotted on at a Housing and Development Board () . The Singapore Civil Defence Force () quickly addressed the incident and managed to put out the fire in time.

Member of the public Patrick Tan took to Facebook on Saturday (Jun 5) to share videos of the incident, which is reported to have happened on the same day at Blk 257, St 22, at about 3:45 pm.

Facebook page SG Road Vigilante – SGRV also shared the footage, noting the SCDF had arrived within 15 minutes.

In one of Mr Tan’s videos, the Porsche could be seen spewing smoke, its bonnet and passenger-side door opened.

Photo: FB screengrab/Patrick Tan

Three men were on standby at the side, one of them running towards the vehicle with a handheld fire extinguisher. It is unclear if they were helpful bystanders or were connected to the car on fire.

Photo: FB screengrab/Patrick Tan

The man with the extinguisher points the nozzle at the vehicle and attempts to put out the fire, directing the mixture underneath the rear wheel side.

Photo: FB screengrab/Patrick Tan

Photo: FB screengrab/Patrick Tan

Soon after, a flame was spotted building at the car’s interior, resulting in more smoke emission. Unfortunately, the man’s was unable to put out the fire.

Photo: FB screengrab/Patrick Tan

Onlookers could be heard expressing their concern.

Meanwhile, one of the men nearby approaches the vehicle with his small extinguisher but quickly steps back, possibly sensing the danger.

Photo: FB screengrab/Patrick Tan

The fire eventually spread and was seen blazing from the open passenger door. The individuals recording the scene noted, “it was getting worse.”

Photo: FB screengrab/Patrick Tan

In another video, an SCDF fire truck was spotted arriving at the scene. Within a minute, they were able to control the fire using a water jet.

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Photo: FB screengrab/Patrick Tan

No injuries were reported./TISG

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