Prank gone wrong: Malaysian child actress unable to walk after chair pulled from under her

It was an alleged prank gone very wrong – and now a young child’s life has changed for the worse.

Malaysian child star Puteri Rafasya, 12, fell victim to a prank at a filming location on Feb 22, leaving her unable to walk.

According to Malaysian media mStar, Puteri’s chair was pulled from under her, causing the actress to fall and hit her back against nearby film equipment.

At the time, she was on the set of a drama series, Jaga Aku Selamanya.

She fractured her hip bone as a result and currently has to wear diapers to urinate or defecate.

Puteri’s family has been documenting her recovery journey on Instagram, evidently upset that such an unfortunate incident had happened to her.

They shared that she would be unable to walk or sit as normal for now and would need assistance or a wheelchair to move around.

In a post on Friday (Mar 10), they shared that the child actor had to receive treatment at Kuala Lumpur Hospital as she suffered from incontinence.

She was later transferred to Tunku Azizah Hospital for further observation.

Her mother, 33-year-old Fatin Aliza Salmi, shared that her daughter’s condition still wasn’t improving.

“According to the doctor, Puteri’s development is not good. Even after 19 days, she still can’t walk,” Fatin said.

According to mStar, Fatin said she was to meet with the parties involved in the incident to reach a resolution. 

Until then, she said she had yet to receive an apology from the family of the perpetrator who pulled the prank.

Puteri’s mother further claimed that the perpetrator who pulled the prank on her daughter is related to one of the actress’ co-stars.

Fatin also highlighted that the incident had not only affected Puteri physically but had also caused her severe emotional trauma.

“Who isn’t sad that a physically active person suddenly becomes like this?”

People have taken to social media to send their condolences and to pray for her recovery. 


Many also suggested for Puteri and her family to seek justice for the hurt and trauma caused. 


There were also some who used this incident as a learning moment to warn both adults and children against pulling such pranks and that they should not be taken lightly. 


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