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On top of regular walkabouts at his own Aljunied GRC, Workers’ Party () secretary-general joined party member He Ting Ru as she conducted another round of outreach at her Sengkang GRC ward this weekend.

On Saturday (7 Nov), Mr Pritam joined Ms He as she conducted house visits at the Buangkok division of Sengkang GRC. Sharing a photo of the pair beside a coin-operated phone, Mr Pritam shared on Facebook that the phone sparked a wave of nostalgia. He added that the WP team at Sengkang is keeping a close eye on the ward and urged residents to share their feedback:

“Don’t see coin-operated phones too often these days so it was a moment of nostalgia coming across one during an estate walk in MP Ms He Ting Ru 何廷儒‘s Buangkok ward of Sengkang GRC this morning.
“Some of the blocks we visited today are older than most in Sengkang and it was nice to speak a fair number of senior residents, to ask about the their families and the estate in general.
“The Sengkang team are keeping a close watch on the lived experience – cleanliness, pest control, horticulture etc. – of residents in Sengkang town so please do not hesitate to share your feedback with the Town Council or the MPs directly!”

This is not the first time Mr Pritam has personally supported his members’ work at Sengkang. In August, he joined Ms He and Raeesah Khan during a community outreach visit to a senior activity centre at Sengkang.

In September, he shared his experience and knowledge on estate management with Louis Chua as he joined the young parliamentarian and his volunteers on a walk around the Rivervale division of the ward.

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Last month, Mr Pritam joined Ms Khan in the Compassvale division of Sengkang GRC for an estate walk. His visit to Compassvale took place in the same week that the WP MPs took over the Sengkang Town Council (SKTC) from Pasir-Ris Punggol Town Council and Ang Mo Kio Town Council.

Pritam Singh gives new Sengkang GRC MP tips on estate management

Pritam Singh joins new WP MPs at Sengkang GRC outreach event

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