Personal data on 2.4 million people has reportedly been leaked to a China company.

KUALA LUMPUR: Officials are to check on a foreign news agency report that a Chinese company with reported links to military and intelligence networks had collected data on 1,400 Malaysians.

Senior minister for Security Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the report had yet to be verified and an investigation was required prior to further action.

“Sometimes, we hear a lot of news in which the truth is not clear, so I have asked for this matter to be investigated first.

“Personal data should be protected, because we have the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 where the personal data of every individual in the country is protected,” he told reporters here.

An international news agency had reported that a Chinese company, Zhenhua Data, was believed to have collected personal data on 2.4 million people, and that a database leak involving 250,000 individuals included 1,400 Malaysians.


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