Quirky China: Brother feeds sister at kindergarten, girl uses megaphone to attack homework, boy makes dad apologise

A video of a little boy who took care of his baby sister on her first day of kindergarten has touched social media users in mainland China.

The unnamed boy, who is in Primary 2 at a school in Shandong province, eastern China, was filmed last week as he fed his younger sister her lunch. It was her first day of kindergarten and he spontaneously decided to come check on her during the lunch break according to his mother, Star Video reported.

In the video the boy is seen standing next to his sister as she eats her lunch sitting down. He can be seen trying to scoop up food from a plate and help his sister eat.

“The night before the first day of kindergarten started, I reminded him to make sure his sister went down for a nap after her lunch,” the boy’s mother said, but added she had not told him to help her with lunch and was surprised.

She said that it was not the first time the boy had looked out for his sister, and said in the past he had changed his sister’s diapers and dressed her after afternoon naps.

The video of the caring brother touched many online users in mainland China.

One said: “Oh, what a lovely boy! The family has a great parenting style.”

Girl shouts about homework overload with megaphone

A video of a girl in China shouting about her homework into a megaphone at home has become a source of amusement for many on mainland social media.

The girl, from Guangdong in southern China, was doing her homework in her bedroom last week when she suddenly decided she’d had enough of the pressure and decided to shout her feelings into a megaphone.


Her father was on hand to film the moment and stood at the entrance of the girl’s bedroom as she stretched one leg onto her desk while holding a megaphone before shouting into it.

“There is too much homework today, hahaha. This insecticide is best to kill cockroaches and ants. Please hurry to purchase,” the girl said.

The homework had nothing to do with insects, she was only pretending to be a street salesperson selling insecticides because these people often have a megaphone in hand to announce a promotional sale.

“Give me one bag of insecticide for ants please,” her dad jokingly replied.

The girl, unaware her father was listening, was visibly shocked as she gave her father an astonished look.

Many who saw the video online were amused by the girl’s way of expressing herself.

One said: “Why did her dad interrupt her? I want her to continue.”

Another said: “Haha, she is doing a good advertisement.”

Son forces dad to say sorry

A story about a little boy in Shanghai who told his father that he would call the police if the latter didn’t apologise to his mother has gone viral on the mainland.

The boy did not realise his mother was only pretending to be angry at her husband as they joked around, with the boy believing that his father was bullying his mother, reported.

“Say sorry to my mum immediately,” the boy said in the video.

“But she beats me too,” the father replied jokingly.


“So what? She doesn’t intend to beat you. If you don’t apologise to her, I will call the police.” the boy continued.

The boy also warned his father he would expose his “bad behaviour” to the public by posting an “incriminating” photo on his father’s WeChat account.

“The boy is so adorable,” one Weibo user wrote.

Another commented: “The boy is so smart, and he has a coherent plan for protecting his mum.”

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This article was first published in South China Morning Post.


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