Quirky China: Man sues over bloody steak, kids urge young woman to marry, supermarket thief tricks self-checkout

A man in Shanghai has filed a lawsuit against a restaurant seeking compensation of 21,000 yuan (S$4,299) after being served a bloody medium rare steak.

The man, surnamed Wu, dined at a local Western-style restaurant in the city and ordered a steak. When the waiter suggested he have it medium well done, Wu insisted on a medium rare steak which will usually have some blood inside.

However, Wu was angry when he was served a bloody steak.

Wu asked for a free meal, but the restaurant refused. He then paid the bill of 2,110 yuan and then took the steak home.

Wu is arguing in his claim that the restaurant has violated the Food Safety Law. He is seeking compensation many times more than what he paid for the steak.

The court rejected Wu’s case because the restaurant had used proper cooking techniques when preparing the meal.

Many online commenters criticised Wu.

One asked: “Can the restaurant make a counter claim against Wu’s silly scam?”

Kids nag young female relative to get married

A video of a 27-year-old woman in eastern China being nagged and told to get married by five children during a family gathering has gone viral on the mainland.

The woman, surnamed Zhu, from Xuzhou in Jiangsu province, last Saturday (July 23) filmed herself when she was being urged to get married by several children who were sitting together for a family dinner, video-sharing platform Bailu Video reported.


Zhu, who was tired of the pressure from adult relatives for her to get married, decided to take a seat with the children. However, she had no peace there either.

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She can be seen in the video pulling a jokingly wry face as the children interrogate her on why she is single.

“You are close to 30 years old, how are you not married?”, a little girl asked in the video.

“You annoy your mum,” another boy said.

Zhu was convinced that they got the idea she needed to be married from other adults, and told Bailu Video: “My younger cousin asked me why I didn’t find a girlfriend if I don’t have a boyfriend.”

The video has sparked outrage on social media, with many complaining about the suffocating culture of urging young people to get married.

Supermarket thief only scans plastic bags

A man in eastern China has been jailed for three months for not paying for items at a supermarket by scanning only the plastic bags containing the goods at a self-checkout.

The unnamed man from Nantong in Jiangsu province avoided paying 2,100 yuan on four occasions in a month, Litchi News reported on Sunday.

The man took his girlfriend to the supermarket to have meals at the food court. The pair selected costly items such as salmon and cherries.


The man then left his girlfriend and walked to the self-checkout where he scanned the barcodes of plastic bags instead.

“Nobody noticed he didn’t pay for a full bill by scanning another item and after the first time, he continued doing it,” judge Gu Bin, who presided over the case, told Litchi News.

The judge said the man, charged with theft, was jailed for three months and fined 3,000 yuan.

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Many online commenters were surprised at the man’s lack of awareness at the level of security.

One said: “Didn’t he know there were many cameras in the supermarket?”

This article was first published in South China Morning Post.