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Raab admits 'two formal complaints made against me' as he demands inquiry

Dominic Raab has requested an independent investigation into two complaints brought against him from his time as Foreign Secretary and his first Tenure as Justice Secretary. In a letter sent to Prime Minister, he asked Rishi Sunak to write to the independent commission to discuss the allegations “as soon as possible”. 

Sky News business presenter Ian King reported: “Dominic Raab has said he’s written to the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, to request an independent investigation into two formal complaints that had been made against him.

“He will continue in his post as Deputy Prime Minister, Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor.”

In the letter, Dominic Raab said Rishi Sunak must fulfil his pledge that “this government will have integrity, professionalism, accountability at every level.”

He said: “I am proud to take this as a personal article of faith.”

He added he welcomed “the opportunity to address any complaints transparently.

“I have always welcomed the mutual challenge that comes with serious policy-making and public service delivery.

“I have always sought to set high standards and forge teams that can deliver for the British people amidst the acute challenges that we have faced in recent years.

“I have never tolerated bullying, and always sought to reinforce and empower the teams of civil servants working in my respective departments.”


However, Dominic Raab refered himself to a non-existent independent standards investigation, as the Prime Minister has not yet appointed a standards adviser.

The letter came only two hours before Prime Minister’s Questions where the Prime Minister is expected to be challenged on the matter.



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