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In a recent Facebook post, Workers’ Party (WP) Minister for Parliament (MP) Raeesah Khan addressed the drastic economic disparity among Singaporeans. Sharing her recent experience meeting families who earn less than S$2,000 a month, she said that much more work has to be done.

Ms Khan, a strong contender in the nation’s 2020 General Elections (GE), emerged the victor in Sengkang Group Representation Constituency (GRC) along with fellow WP members, He Ting Ru, Jamus Lim,and Louis Chua Kheng Wee. The WP team went head to head with a team from the nation’s ruling party, the People’s Action Party (PAP). The PAP team consisted of Ng Chee Meng, Lam Pin Min, Amrin Amin, and Raymond Lye.

The GRC saw an extremely close fight, with the WP team winning with 52.13 per cent of the votes.

Ms Khan on Friday (September 11), took to Facebook to share her experience meeting low-income families in Singapore and used the post to address the need for more work to be done in order to help such Singaporeans.

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I started my journey with the WP as a case writer for Pritam Singh at Meet-the-People Sessions (MPS). Holding my first…

Posted by Raeesah Khan on Thursday, 10 September 2020

After giving readers a brief backstory of how she started out with the WP, she shared her first MPS as an MP. “I started my journey with the WP as a case writer for Pritam Singh at Meet-the-People Sessions (MPS). Holding my first MPS as an MP last Wednesday was special, but the aim remains the same – to do what we can as a team to assist residents,” wrote Ms Khan.

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She shared her experience getting to meet low-income families who make less than S$2,000 monthly as well as elderly Singaporeans who have a hard time paying for bus fares. “Our bigger aim beyond MPS is to help address the divides which exist in Singapore…we need to do better,” she said.

Ms Khan then took a moment to thank volunteers who sorted out the MPS that took place, expressing her gratitude for even the simple tasks that people get done. “Whether you’re stacking chairs, writing notes on cases or issuing queue numbers, everyone has a part to play.”

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