Rafizi: Govt to reactivate Pemudah taskforce, cut red tape to become more business-friendly

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 10 — Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli said today the government will reactivate the Pemudah platform to strengthen the communication between public and private sectors.

Rafizi also said his ministry will focus on removing administrative red tape for the 4th Industry Revolution’s (4IR) players so they can have a healthier environment to grow their businesses.

“We hope that this effort will make Malaysia a more business-friendly destination and market.

“This is important from the perspective of investments because the ease of doing business also defines our competitiveness,” said Rafizi in a press conference after the “Kick-off Strategic Dialogue” session with industry players here.

Pemudah, or the Special Taskforce to Facilitate Business, was a government initiative established in 2007 to facilitate the public-private sector’s collaboration.

It aims to elevate the role of the private sector as the main driver of productivity and economic growth, as well as forge a strong strategic relationship with the government.

Rafizi said that he will be chairing the platform along with other head civil servants. The former chairman for Pemudah was ex-minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Economy) Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed.

“So far from our engagement, their struggles are not [lack of] infrastructure or access to funds, it’s the ease of doing business.

“It’s over-regulation that becomes a cost of doing business for them,” said Rafizi, adding that a retail association representative said some certificates needed for import can double the cost of the item.

“And the process is tedious because you have to go through one by one and coordinate with the relevant ministry,” he added.

In response, Rafizi said the reactivation of the Pemudah platform will show the government’s commitment to assisting them with administrative hurdles.

He added that by doing so, industry players are able to free up more resources and focus on upgrading.


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