DUBAI: Does it feel like Aseel Hameem is all you listen to lately? Well, as it turns out, you are not alone. Today, Spotify released its list of the most-streamed artists and songs in the world this year, and — to no ones surprise — Iraqi singing sensation Aseel Hameem is the most-streamed female artist in Saudi Arabia in 2019. Her latest hit “Al Mafrood” had a hand in her success, as it was the top streamed song in the Kingdom.

The Baghdad-born singer’s track even beat out Lil Nas X’s instantly-viral “Old Town Road” remix, which came in at number two. Meanwhile, fellow Iraqi singer Rahma Riad’s “Waed Menni” came in third place. Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes’ “Senorita” and Halsey’s “Without Me” rounded out the top five.

Globally, Post Malone was the most popular artist of the year, followed by Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande who hold the second and third spots respectively.

Read on for the top streamed songs and artists in Saudi Arabia this year.

Top three streamed songs

“Al Mafrood” by Aseel Hameem
This four-minute tune was also the most streamed song of summer 2019 in the Kingdom.

“Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus
The rapper, alongside Billy Ray Cyrus, took home the 2019 Country Music Association Award for Musical Event of the Year, making Lil Nas X the first-ever rapper to win the country music award.

“Waed Menni” by Rahma Riad
Iraqi pop is clearly having a moment in the region with Rahma Riad, daughter of Iraqi musician Riad Ahmed,  clinching the third spot with her catchy hit.

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Top three streamed artists

Aseel Hameem
The 35-year-old artist who was born in Baghdad made her singing debut at the age of 22. She’s since released a number of studio albums and chart-topping hits.

It appears that music fans in Saudi Arabia are continuing to honor the late rapper XXXTentacion as he’s the country’s most streamed male artist.

According to Spotify, the Middle East is one of the biggest consumers of K-pop and the 2019 wrap-up further confirmed this with the seven-member boyband BTS, who performed at a sold-out concert in Jeddah this summer, cementing their spots as top streamed artists in the country.



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