Raymond Lam’s wife tells off netizen who cursed her 1yo daughter for an early death

Hong Kong — Being a celebrity, there is no doubt that you will come across some really nasty remarks by mean-spirited netizens.

Chinese model Carina Zhang, 31 can testify to that. She had somehow got on the bad side of a large number of netizens after tying the knot with Hong Kong singer-actor Raymond Lam, 41.

Zhang has been the victim of numerous malicious rumours with netizens leaving vile comments on her Weibo every now and then.

However, recently a netizen went a bit too far, which prompted the usually very private Zhang to fight back in a very public manner. The model recently uploaded photos of a beach outing her family-of-three had taken, as reported by

And on that very post, a certain netizen decided to write this: “You don’t deserve to be alive, okay? [It would be best if] your daughter could put an end to her suffering, and have an early death and get reincarnated.”

Raymond Lam and his daughter. Picture: Weibo

The horrible comment incurred the wrath of Zhang, who reposted the netizen’s word on her Weibo the next day together with this response: “How is it that a young girl like you has such a toxic mouth, sending numerous comments to curse a little kid in the middle of the night. Can you still be considered a person?”.

Following that, the netizen who posted the nasty comment later posted an apology on her Weibo expressing her  “deepest regret” for her “moment of rashness”.

Zhang’s post has since garnered a lot of support from netizens, though most of them showed it in a sarcastic way.

“Although you’re very hateful, I can’t help but admit that this netizen’s really too much,” commented one netizen.

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“Oh my, even though I’m not your fan, I wouldn’t be able to stomach this. Using a child to [wish ill upon someone], that’s too toxic,” wrote another.

That does not seem like a show of support.

Born Dec 8, 1979, Raymond Lam is a Hong Kong actor and singer who has acted roles in the television dramas A Step into the PastMoonlight ResonanceHighs and Lows and Line Walker and was dubbed the King of Chok after his role in The Mysteries of Love. /TISG

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