Refugees flee across EU borders as Ukrainian fighting intensifies

MEDYKA, Poland: Refugees fleeing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continued to pour across its western borders on Saturday (Feb 26), with around 100,000 reaching Poland in two days, finding temporary sanctuary in sports halls and train stations.

As Russian forces launched coordinated cruise missile and artillery strikes on several cities, including the capital Kyiv, fearful families thronged European Union borders hoping to enter Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary.

At the Hungarian border town of Beregsurany, 69-year-old Ilona Varga crossed into the European Union on foot, leaving behind her home, shop and hopes she might soon return.

“My kids are telling me to move over to Hungary for good, and they are right,” Varga said. “But it is so hard to leave everything behind, I was born here, I grew up here, I have my work here, everything ties me here.”


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