Remote control and cutting down of wastage: How these smart washing machines save you time and money

When work from home was a thing and you could do your laundry at any time of the day – barring those Zoom calls – you didn’t have to think too much about your appliances. Now, with more and more returning to the office, and with that the added commute, there’s less time to manage the mundane, but needed, chores at home.

That’s when you arm yourself with tools and gadgets that will help do the work for you – better and smarter. For those looking for convenience and more efficient technologies that can better clean their clothes, Toshiba’s new T-series range of energy-efficient washing machines and dryers was designed specifically to lighten the load of your chores. 

To celebrate the release of its new range, Toshiba held a launch event at Andaz Singapore on August 30 with the theme of “Pursuit of Mastery”. The theme brings across the brand’s Takumi spirit, a philosophy of upholding the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

Guests-of-honour at the launch event included Ms Low Yen Ling, Minister of State for Trade and Industry; Mr Li Wenguang, First Secretary, and Mr Wang Ziyun, Second Secretary, from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Singapore. 

As part of its corporate social responsibility efforts, Toshiba also donated washing machines, air purifiers, and electric kettles to four Social Service Agencies (SSAs) in the South West District. 

Here’s a look at how the technologies in the T-series help achieve cleaner clothing while saving you time and electricity. 

Reduce wastage while cleaning efficiently

Often struggle to figure out just the right amount of detergent liquid and softener to use for the laundry? 

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A general rule of thumb is to use one cap full of detergent liquid but that also depends on not overloading the machine or if the clothes are particularly sweaty or soiled. 

Clothes need to be thoroughly clean but too much detergent will leave residual stains, and may also damage your clothes or irritate the skin when worn. Furthermore, if the clothes are still soapy, they may need another round of washing, leading to more water and electricity wastage. 

Here’s where Toshiba’s SenseDose comes in. It’s a precise automatic detergent dosing technology in the T-series range of washing machines that can sense the weight of the clothes loaded into the machine and identify the type of materials. 

The washing machine will then dispense an accurate amount of detergent from the detergent reserve, ensuring that clothes will be cleaned without wasting detergent, water and electricity. 

Models with SenseDose include: 

  • T15 TWD-BM105GF4S (9.5/7kg) at $1,399
  • T15 TWD-BM115GF4S (10.5/7kg) at $1,599
  • T15 TWD-BM135GF4S (12.5/8kg) at $1,899
  • T20 TWD-BL160D4S(MG) (Upper Drum 5kg) (Lower Drum 10/7kg) at $2,999

Save time with just the press of a button 

If only the chores would do themselves, but seeing as they will just grow if left unattended, there is at least a way to minimise the amount of time spent on them. 

Some of Toshiba’s T-series washing machines are equipped with the Ex-dot technology, a mechanical dispensing system that allows the user to add laundry detergent and softener of up to one litre in the detergent reserve.

The Ex-dot can then dispense a specific amount of liquid with just one press, doing away with the need to add detergent and softener with a new load of laundry each time.  

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Models with Ex-dot include the T16 AW-DUM1100JS (10kg) at $899; and T16 AW-DUM1300KS (12kg) at $1,069.

Save even more time on chores with the TSmartLife mobile app. On the app, the user can simply control the washing machine to start remotely, such as when commuting back from work. 

T-SmartLife works with the following models: 

  • T15 TWD-BM105GF4S (9.5/7kg) at $1,399
  • T15 TWD-BM115GF4S (10.5/7kg) at $1,599
  • T15 TWD-BM135GF4S (12.5/8kg) at $1,899
  • T20 TWD-BL160D4S(MG) (Upper Drum 5kg) (Lower Drum 10/7kg) at $2,999

Thorough deep clean to remove stubborn stains and residue 

Sometimes, there may still be residual stains on clothing that a standard wash cannot get rid of. The Ultra-Fine Bubbles technology in Toshiba’s T-series washing machines exerts a high water pressure that blasts one billion nano-sized bubbles, 200 times smaller than the gaps in clothing fibres, to remove sebum dirt and give a more even, deeper washing of your laundry. 

The models with this technology include: 

  • T15 TWD-BM105GF4S (9.5/7kg) at $1,399
  • T15 TWD-BM115GF4S (10.5/7kg) at $1,599
  • T15 TWD-BM135GF4S (12.5/8kg) at $1,899
  • T16 AW-DUM1100JS (10kg) at $899
  • T16 AW-DUM1300KS (12kg) at $1,069

Better protection for clothing with greater energy savings

The colour of clothing may sometimes fade after numerous washings. Toshiba’s The Greatwaves Cold Water colour care washing technology is designed to protect against that, by using a high-speed water flow that thoroughly breaks up dirt and filters debris without staining clothes.
Furthermore, the washing machines are fitted with an Origin Inverter motor, one of the quietest in the market, that spins the washer at a high speed of 1,400 rpm. This allows clothes to be cleaned in cold water and reduces damage to the fabric fibres. 

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Despite the powerful motor, the washing machine does not consume much energy, and actually saves more energy compared to universal motors. Toshiba also provides a warranty for the motor for 12 years. 

The Greatwaves and Origin Inverter are available in the following models:  

  • T15 TWD-BM105GF4S (9.5/7kg) at $1,399
  • T15 TWD-BM115GF4S (10.5/7kg) at $1,599
  • T15 TWD-BM135GF4S (12.5/8kg) at $1,899
  • T16 AW-DUM1100JS (10kg) at $899
  • T16 AW-DUM1300KS (12kg) at $1,069
  • T20 TWD-BL160D4S(MG) (Upper Drum 5kg) (Lower Drum 10/7kg) at $2,999

Dry and refresh 

Hanging and waiting for clothes to dry is yet another chore that can be made easier with Toshiba’s heat pump dryers. 

Fitted with heat pump technology, the dryers operate at a moderate temperature to gently dry the clothes, while built-in sensors optimise the drying temperature and time to reduce heat damage and energy use. 

There’s also a UV Sanitize feature that uses ultraviolet light to eliminate bacteria, and an anti-crease function where the drum will keep rotating every 10 minutes even after the cycle is completed to prevent wrinkles. 

Users can also control the dryer with the TSmartlife app. Based on the washing mode selected, the drying cycle will be set automatically, so one can save time programming the dryer. 

Toshiba dryer models are: 

  • TD-BK100GHS (9kg) Heat Pump Dryer at $1,599
  • TD-BK100GHS(WW) (9kg) Heat Pump Dryer (White) at $1,599
  • TD-BK110GHS (10kg) Heat Pump Dryer at $1,799

The Toshiba T-series washing machines and dryers are available at Courts, Harvey Norman, Gain City, Best Denki, Audio House and all authorised dealers. They are also available on Toshiba official stores on Lazada and Shopee.

Visit Toshiba for more information.