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Republican party divided as THREE Chinese spy balloons crossed into US during Trump years

And Debbie Fett Moscatom, co-founder of the movement Republicans for Joe Biden, tweeted: “Maybe if you and all the other opportunistic enablers had stood up to him all along, he wouldn’t have gone down that path.”

Trump’s defenders doubled down against these charges, with one Twitter user, Camazotz, tweeting: “Now I’m reading that people from people who are more true patriots than I are saying the Pentagon is lying. This is what it takes to be truly MAGA.”

Another user, JirooGuerrero, also came to Trump’s defence: “It would’ve been bigger news for Chinese spy balloons when trump was in office than now cuz everyone was trying to have trump fail in a situation like this so I honestly doubt it happened cuz why is the news coming to light now? Think about it regardless if you like Trump or not.”

According to a senior Pentagon official, three balloons made it into the US during the Trump years, but never for as long as the one that recently flew across the country.

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