'Reunited as one': Ivy Lee returns to Singapore, meets long-time celeb friends

Her visit may have been brief, but it seems that Ivy Lee made it worthwhile for her long-time friends as well.

In an Instagram post today (Feb 20), Hong Huifang shared photos of a gathering for former Mediacorp actress Ivy when she popped by Singapore for a short visit.

Describing it as a “swift transit”, Huifang, 62, documented the rare meeting which also saw Yvonne Lim, Chen Hanwei and Zheng Geping attending.

In these images, 49-year-old Ivy can be seen smiling as she stands with her arms around her friends’ shoulders.

“Friendship in simple words is a relationship we have with our ‘chosen’ family… and we are finally reunited as one,” Yvonne, 46, wrote on her Instagram post, also sharing pictures of the meeting.

Speaking to 8World, Geping, 58, joked: “The reason why she chose to gather at my house is because I know her the best — I’m kidding!

“Whenever she visits Singapore, it’s become a habit to visit my home and chat a bit with our old friends.”


He also revealed that Ivy was in Singapore with her family. One of the photos in Huifang’s post shows Ivy’s husband Raymond Choy, their twin sons Nik and Dash, both 18, as well as daughter Leah, 13. The couple’s oldest child Mikki, 25, was not in the photo.  

Geping explained Ivy was back in Singapore to deal with some personal matters and returned to the UK yesterday.

Ivy moved to Hong Kong with their four children in 2009 to be closer to her Hong Kong-born husband, a TV producer and director who travelled frequently to China for work at that time. The family relocated to England some years ago.

Geping added: “We rarely meet; so many years have passed and everyone is still the same. All of our children have grown up in the blink of an eye!”

During her last visit to Singapore in December 2019, Ivy met up with Huifang, Hanwei, Yvonne, Chen Xiuhuan and Huang Biren.

“It’s been a long time since we met! A rare reunion,” Ivy had said. “So happy to be home and it was a wonderful catch-up with my friends!”


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