Robbie Dunne found guilty of ‘bullying and harassing’ fellow jockey Bryony Frost

Jockey Robbie Dunne has been found in breach on all four counts of conduct prejudicial to horseracing after the disciplinary panel of the British Horseracing Authority ruled he had bullied and harassed fellow rider Bryony Frost.

Dunne was charged with seven breaches in total, four of conduct prejudicial to horseracing and three of violent and threatening behaviour, with all but one of those charges denied.

An independent three-person panel, chaired by Brian Barker QC, found the four prejudicial conduct breaches to have been proven, while the latter three are yet to be considered.

The majority of the incidents in question took place in 2020, when Dunne was found by the panel to have threatened Frost by promising to “put her through a wing (of a fence)” and he was also accused of using misogynistic language such as “f****** whore”, “f****** slut” and “dangerous c***” towards her.

The panel is set to hear submissions on penalties by the BHA and Dunne’s legal team shortly.

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