Scientists to ‘resurrect’ woolly mammoths

Woolly mammoths could be ‘resurrected’ within six years as part of a project trying to reverse extinction. A firm partnering with a renowned Harvard geneticist has raised $15m to try to bring back the Arctic animals that were wiped out 4,000 years ago. Under the plan, the DNA sequences of woolly mammoths collected from well-preserved remains will be inserted into the genome of Asian elephants to create an “elephant-mammoth hybrid”.

Man says wife was ‘unfair’ about alien abduction

A man believes that aliens have cost him his marriage and his career by inserting a nanochip into his arm. Steve Colbern claimed that he had been taken aboard a UFO “hundreds of times” by aliens that looked like “typical greys”, and that he’s been abducted so many times that his perspective on life changed. Turning to the nanochip insertion, he said his wife was “not too pleased” about it which he thought was “pretty unfair”.

Truther says Moon is a ‘hologram’

The Moon is a hologram, according to YouTuber and “moon truther” Ccrow777. After observing the Moon through high-definition telescopic cameras, he said ne noticed a “lunar wave” crossing it, which could be evidence that the Moon is not what we think it is, and that sinister powers could be using a “facade” to hide secretive activities happening up there. He also claimed that lunar eclipses are “all staged”.


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