Secretlab's Cyberpunk 2077 collab now includes the Magnus gaming desk

Although it’s been more than two years since Secretlab rolled out its Cyberpunk 2077 collab range of gaming chairs, it’s cool to see that they’re now expanding it to include their new Magnus desks as well.

Spurred on by the recent revival of interest in the game due to DLC content from CD Projekt RED as well as the premiere of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners  on Netflix, the gaming chair specialist has just announced the Secretlab Magnus Cyberpunk 2077 Edition, which will be available for purchase starting today, Sept 13. 


Of course, it isn’t just a dolled-up version of the regular desk – it’s got some really cool extras to go with it too. Notably, the special CP2077-inspired aesthetic also extends to its cable management sleeve and limited-edition magnetic cable anchor, with the latter featuring a hand-painted Samurai Oni mask collectible. Topping that off is a special variant of the Magpad desk mat, which comes with a splendid bird’s eye view of Night City printed on it.


As for pricing and availability, a safe estimate for the former would probably lie around or just under the $700 mark, considering the Batman-inspired variant of the Magnus floats in the mid-$600 range. Naturally, you’ll be able to find more details on the official Secretlab page, so make sure to check it out!

Of course, the underlying question is if the new Magnus desks are any good and we’re glad to say, they are awesome as found in our review.

This article was first published in HardwareZone.


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