Self storage: Upgrade your home without breaking the bank

In land-scarce Singapore, space has always come at a premium. As Singapore’s first self storage provider, StorHub understands the concept of space as a resource and the perennial problem of finding enough space for things and activities we love, especially now that many people work from home and most of our time is spent within the four walls.

Right now, as we cope with a global pandemic, our abodes are doubling up as offices, classrooms, and businesses.

“As we move towards living with Covid-19, many are recognising the need and value of our personal, creative, and functional spaces at home, so they make room for family activities, hobbies, and spaces to relax, which is what our homes are really made for, as opposed to simply storing stuff, which would be a waste of space,” explains Mr Luigi La Tona, chief executive officer of StorHub Singapore. 

StorHub was established in 2003, and has since grown rapidly from a single outpost located in Kallang to 13 facilities strategically located throughout the island. Today with 1.5 million square feet of space — about 30 football fields — it is the premier storage solution on the island. 

“We focus on three key areas: Customer value and service, location, and flexibility. We’re driven to excel for our customers,” beams Mr La Tona. “They store their most important possessions with us, and our single focus is to take care of them.” 

Storage allows Singaporeans to indulge their hobbies, run a business without the need to take up valuable home space, or provide a place where they can stockpile purchases for a new home that is delayed by the pandemic.

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Star Wars toy collections, Lego sets and more

Individuals make up the bulk of StorHub’s customers, with almost 90 per cent of clients personal, storing household products, personal items, memorabilia, and extra furniture.

Some store their prized collections including Star Wars toy collections that they have been carefully gathering since they were young, sets of Lego or remote-controlled planes, paintings and old records, books, and in the case of one customer, a selection of bicycles, each for a different terrain.

“We’ve also seen a large growth in e-commerce businesses start during this time and these new entrepreneurs are putting self storage to great use for their everyday access to inventory or simply driving their business directly from the storage space,” notes Mr La Tona.

Statistics back up the boom in demand: Over the past year, StorHub has witnessed a more than 110 per cent surge in its average monthly enquiries, while the booking of new space has skyrocketed above 100 per cent compared to pre-pandemic times.

Well-lit storage facilities near MRT stations, open 24 hours a day

StorHub acquires the properties in the best locations whose settings are designed such that customers will be comfortable to use as their home storage spaces.

“Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions is that self storage is similar to traditional warehouse where it’s inconvenient,” notes Mr La Tona.

StorHub dispels that myth by having facilities in locations near MRT stations and expressways, and ensuring that units are well-lit, secure, colourful, and exclusive to the customer. In addition, all are tended by friendly, helpful, trained staff that offer packing, transport, logistic and storage tips.

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Professional and friendly staff members are ready to assist clients in all StorHub facilities. PHOTO: STORHUB

All facilities are open all year, 24 hours a day, allowing access any time the customer wants. Spaces offered can be rented for anywhere between a month to multiple years, and range in size from a four-square-foot locker ($36 per month) to a 1,200-square-foot double-door unit (about $4,000 per month); air-conditioned storage areas are also available, kept between 23 deg C and 25 deg C. With so many options, there is a unit to suit any need. 

“We understand that there are many precious items one would like to hold on to, for example collectibles and memorabilia that reflect our life’s greatest experiences,” continues Mr La Tona.

“People also have furniture in good condition and seasonal clothing that they don’t need to access frequently, but which create clutter at home. The need for more space can also be fuelled by life-changing events such as a new addition to the family, working from home, or simply renovating to create more space for living.”

Free storage for charity organisations

StorHub is also committed to giving back to the community.

The self storage solution provider partners with organisations such as Angel Hearts and Books Beyond Borders, offering free storage space so that these worthy causes can focus their resources on their activities.

“Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a central part of our mission to work in collaboration with our community’s greatest givers. We very gratefully understand that business and community can work in harmony together, therefore we integrate CSR proactively into our overall objective by offering a resource that these organisations find valuable – space,” says Mr La Tona.

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StorHub staff are encouraged to engage in community activities and are given volunteer days off to help these community initiatives. The company has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, with a green roof at the facility in Toa Payoh, greater use of renewable energy through the installation of solar PV systems in collaboration with Sunseap, energy efficient lighting and ventilation, and the installation of electric vehicle charging stations.

Committed to environmental sustainability, StorHub built its Toa Payoh facility with a green roof and solar PV systems for its power supply. PHOTO: STORHUB 

“StorHub’s environmental management approach encompasses a comprehensive approach to both waste reduction and green technologies for clean and energy efficient solutions, with the focus on achieving the highest Green Mark Platinum award,” explains Mr La Tona proudly.

Perhaps what moves him the most though is the tangible way that StorHub has helped Singapore and its people move forward during these difficult times.

“It’s inspiring to see how much self storage can help drive the economy and help people pursue their aspirations by simply giving people more space.”

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