SINGAPORE – Employees at waste management provider SembWaste wanted lighter material for their uniform, and for their safety when working on roads, reflective strips.

So when it came to redesigning the green and orange uniform for their waste collectors, they gave their views.

The old denim trousers were replaced by cotton pants, which are lighter and more tolerant of the weather.

The trousers also come with deeper pockets for them to store equipment. The stiff reflective strips, previously located at the knee cap, are now lower to make it more comfortable for around 600 of its employees to stay safe.

As for the tops, it is made from dri-fit material.

Starting New Year’s Day, SembWaste will be handing out the two uniform sets for its waste collectors, in green and grey.

“Our new uniform is comfortable. We tried the samples and they took our feedback before they confirmed this new design,” said Mr Lim Peng Soon, 45.

A service leader, Mr Lim drives waste collection trucks. From Jan 1, the drivers will also have access to a new fleet of vehicles for waste collection.

The trucks will be deployed in the Clementi-Bukit Merah area, which comprises 172,000 households.

SembWaste, a subsidiary of Sembcorp Industries, said the vehicles are more fuel efficient and use technology to help waste collectors do their job more smoothly.

A measuring system in the trucks tells waste collectors how much trash has been collected in the vehicles, while sensors inform them if there are any motor problems.

There is also a facial recognition system to alert drivers when they are distracted or fatigued.

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Managing director of SembWaste Neo Hong Keat said introducing new equipment and initiatives helps to improve service standards and allows staff to do their job more effectively and safely.

He added that the changes mark a milestone in the company’s efforts towards environmental and manpower sustainability.

Due to shipment delay, SembWaste said the new uniforms will be given to employees gradually, with all expected to receive them by the end of this month.

It is the first redesign of its uniform since 2011.



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