A resident in Serangoon has been blacklisted by delivery workers in the area for putting up an angry poster chastising them for being “dirty b*******”, reported Lianhe Wanbao.

According to several complaints made to the Wanbao hotline, the woman stays in a unit at Block 304 Serangoon Avenue 2. She had recently put up the strongly-worded sign warning deliverymen against stepping on her doorstep with their “black, dirty shoes”.

One caller, a 30-year-old salesperson, told Wanbao that his friend had made deliveries to the unit twice. Both were unpleasant experiences.

“The first time, she scolded him for leaving his footprints on the doorstep. He thought it was baffling but he just walked away.”

He said the second time that his friend came around to the unit for a delivery, he was surprised to see a hand-written poster plastered on the front gate.

It appeared to be targeted at delivery workers, scolding them for being “dirty” and demanding that they stop stepping on the doorstep with their shoes.

“After my friend saw the note he was very angry, he just placed the parcel at her doorstep and left.”

However, he shared that the woman later complained to the company that the friend had dirtied her doorstep and wasn’t happy that the parcel was left at her door.

Neighbours who spoke to Wanbao said the woman was obsessed with cleanliness and would often scrub the corridor every night at around 10pm with a disinfecting solution.

One neighbour, a 49-year-old housewife, shared: “We have to make sure our socks are in the house and close the door, ventilating the place only after she is done.”

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Wanbao noted that the cement floor outside the woman’s unit appeared patchy, possibly due to her nightly cleaning ritual. The area also smelled strongly of disinfectant.

The resident of the unit, who goes by the name Vanessa, explained that the deliverymen’s shoes would often be caked with mud and dirt. They would also leave the parcel on top of their footprints on her doorstep, which incensed her.

She had left her feedback with the delivery company many times, but the situation still persisted, she added.

“I was so angry the day before that I called the police and complained to the company,” said the clerk.

As for the poster, she stated that it is directed at “the same group of people”. Despite changing shopping platforms several times, she said “the delivery workers are always the same few people”.

“I just wanted to tell them to stop doing it.”

Vanessa indicated that she hopes deliverymen can hand her the parcel without stepping on the doorstep, and if she is not in, they should deliver it at another time.

The neighbour shared that Vanessa had put up the poster up for about two months. The note would change “every four of five days”, but the content and tone of the message would still be the same.

“Many of the delivery guys would complain to me saying that it’s a ‘headache’ whenever they have to deliver items to her.

“They feel powerless as they’re just working hard to deliver items to customers but get scolded instead. They said they’ve ‘blacklisted’ her but actually there’s nothing they can do.”

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