'She is going to roll her eyes': Chinese internet pokes fun at husband who gifted wife 'awesome' commemorative plaque after she gave birth

A lighthearted stainless steel plaque that a father gave to his wife after the birth of their daughter, continuing a romantic tradition for the couple, went viral on the mainland Chinese internet as an example of a real-life romantic comedy.

The plaque read: “Congratulations on having a baby girl! Giving birth to a child is awesome, Zhang Yingxiao! August 2022.” The message was made slightly more humorous by the fact that their daughter was born on July 31.

A picture of the new father, Li Siru, holding the plaque next to his wife received over 230 million views on Weibo. Li told Wutong Video: “My wife’s expected delivery date was Aug 6, but she started to have contractions on July 30 and gave birth to our child the next day.”

And because the plaque was made ahead of time, the date on the plaque could not be changed, according to Li.

The plaque is a bit of an inside joke for the couple from Yantai in Shandong province in eastern China.

In 2021, Li sent his wife another plaque with the engraved words, “Our love is as strong as stainless steel! Zhang Yingxiao, I love you. 2021520.”

The numbers “five-two-zero” are pronounced similarly to “I love you” in Mandarin, so May 20 has now become an unofficial day to celebrate love in mainland China.

“The plaques are a symbol of our deep love,” Li said proudly. “This plaque can be kept forever, and it’s very meaningful.”

Most importantly, Li stated that he could not afford something fancier with his limited budget.

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People online were amused by Li’s unique gifts, with many people poking fun at the husband and “praising him” for his courage in giving the plaques to his wife.

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“His wife is about to roll her eyes based on her expression in the photo,” wrote one commenter.

Another said: “His wife must be thinking, ‘I’d rather you send me a cabbage than this!'”

Others were a bit more romantic and applauded Li for making an effort for him to add some humour to their relationship and cheer his wife up after she gave birth to their daughter.

“He just did it for fun,” a person said. “It is easy to tell they must be a happy couple!”

Another person wrote: “They will reminisce and think it was quite funny when they are old and think back to this moment.”

This article was first published in South China Morning Post.