'She thinks I'm nicer to hug if I'm a bit chubby': Jeremy Chan shares wife Jesseca Liu's thoughts on his new ripped physique

Not every woman wants a chiselled body from their partner.

Recently, AsiaOne spoke to local actor Jeremy Chan about his new drama series All That Glitters, and he shared about his wife Jesseca Liu’s views towards his physique, fitness habits, and working chemistry with local actors Desmond Tan and Ayden Sng.

As he had to get fit for his role as a muay thai master, the 42-year-old shared that he went to the gym to work out five times a week during the filming of the show. However, now that production has ended, he aims for a more modest three times a week, or even less when he is busy.

When asked what Jesseca feels about his physique, he said: “She thinks I’m nicer to hug if I’m a bit chubby.

“But as we are both actors, she said it wasn’t easy for me to get such a fit physique, but I can’t look like how I did when I was filming, so she suggested that I maintain it but not overdo it, as the process of getting fit was very tough.

“She felt bad that I was exhausted during the filming.”

Jeremy also shared that he got sick of eating eggs after having had 1,000 eggs in six weeks during the filming of the show. However, these days, he still eats about eight eggs on days he works out.


All That Glitters centres around three young men, Lin Musen (Desmond), He Jianzhe (Ayden) and Huang Jintiao (Jeremy), who are discontented with their life circumstances at the bottom of the social ladder and are determined to achieve success and prosperity in life. However, in the midst of acquiring wealth, they experience betrayals and their friendships crumble.

‘I am not dumb but I can be gullible’

Jeremy admitted that this was his first role that involved so many emotional fluctuations, as his previous roles were mainly goofy and light-hearted ones.


Nonetheless, he shared that both his character and he have similarities of being loyal to their friends: “I’m not dumb but I can be gullible. If someone sounds like they really need help, I will help them.

“I am not sceptical and do not enjoy constantly doubting others. Due to that reason, Desmond even joked that if he wanted to do business, I would be the best choice.

“Essentially, I am someone who doesn’t like to fight with the world, but focuses on doing my own thing to the best of my ability. “

Even in the case of betrayals like in the drama series, he would not speak out unless a friend is at risk of getting cheated by the same person.

He explained: “The older I am, the more I will hold back as I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings.

“If someone cheated me, I will simply stay away from them. However, if I sense that my friend may get cheated by them, I will warn my friend.”

Jeremy developed close bonds with Desmond, 37, and Ayden, 29, during production, revealing that Desmond and him had many “deep personal conversations”.


Filming for the drama took place in Malaysia and Thailand, and while Jeremy was filming overseas, Jesseca was concerned about his well-being.

Jeremy said: “Jesseca was worried if I was taking good care of myself, but when she came over to visit us at the set, she realised that we went to the gym together, ate together and worked together, and the crew took very good care of us.

“She joked that there was no need for her to be there, but I told her that a wife and the crew offer different kinds of care.”

Jeremy, Ayden and Desmond got so close that Jeremy expressed a keenness to work with them again. In fact, he has a very specific idea of a variety show.

Jeremy elaborated: “We all have different personalities. I am the joker, Desmond is the disciplined one and Ayden is very relaxed.

“I want to do a relaxed talk show that is adventurous and is held outdoors, and can showcase our diverse personalities. We can cook, eat and travel around, even completing games and challenges.

“For example, we can buy things at the supermarket. I often wonder why my wife buys certain items at the supermarket and I think men and women may make different choices as we think differently!”

All That Glitters also stars Hong Ling, He Yingying, Chen Yixin, Zhang Zetong and Tyler Ten, and airs on Channel 8 at 9pm on weekdays. It is also available now on demand for free on meWATCH.

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