“Should I leave him?” Girlfriend expects her bf to earn $15K a month but he only earns $4,500

Singapore — In another case where a girlfriend is having second thoughts about her boyfriend because of the amount he earns, a 23-year-old girl said that she expects her man to be taking home about S$15,000 a month.

Asking netizens for advice on anonymous confessions page NUSWhispers, the girl wrote that her 37-year-old squeeze was “only” at the executive level, earning S$4,500 a month.

“I expect him to earn around $15k a month for a director-level position. At his age, he should be a GM/Director by now but he is just a lowly legal counsel with low pay working for an SME business with little to no benefits”, she wrote.

She asked if she should leave him and look for something better for herself. “Unlike him”, she said that she still felt she had a future for herself and did not “want to waste other opportunities for other men to provide me a better life”.

Complaining that he took a year just to save up for Gucci bag, the girl wrote that she was with her boyfriend for five years and had not seen him getting a promotion or salary increment throughout.

Netizens who commented on the post unanimously agreed in various and colourful ways that she should leave him. Others even said that he deserved a promotion simply for being with her.

In a previous post, one woman wrote about how conflicted she was in her marriage because she was “only attracted to guys with money and connections”.

The woman wrote that when she got married to her husband, she was at first hesitant.

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he wasn’t that clear on what he was doing job wise he just told me he was a product developer“, she added, mentioning that he only earned about S$3,000 a month while she brought home S$8,500 a month as an associate at a law firm.

She added that at this point, she was having regrets about her marriage because another guy who liked her came from a rich and well-connected family in China, with a family business earning about S$70,000 a month.

I felt that if I went with him instead of my husband, I would have a better life, I could stay in a GCB, drive a Porsche and have all the nice stuff that I wanted“. /TISG

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