Singapore charities find creative ways to raise funds amid Covid-19

SINGAPORE – From virtual escape rooms to tapping e-commerce sites, charities are getting more creative to raise funds amid the pandemic.

We Care Community Services

In January, We Care Community Services organised a virtual escape room, where a team of four players donates $2,000 to take part.

The teams had to solve puzzles or answer general knowledge questions to progress to the next room, with the group that reaches the final room in the shortest time declared the winner.

The three fastest teams won prizes which included tablets, said We Care’s communications and relations manager Leslie Goh.

The virtual escape room was generally well-received and raised $107,000, he added.

Singapore Children’s Society

The Singapore Children’s Society has turned to e-commerce sites to reach more donors, said Ms Joyce Teng, its director of community engagement and partnerships and corporate communications.

The charity set up an account on Lazada last year and anyone can donate to the charity through Lazada.

Ms Teng said the charity saw the need to expand its online donation channels as Singaporeans become more tech-savvy in their giving.

The charity has its own crowdfunding platform, Give2Children, where donors can run online fund-raising campaigns for its benefit.

The Lions Befrienders

The Lions Befrienders has partnered online merchants to enable customers to convert loyalty points into cash donations for the charity.

It also partnered Give Please, a donation platform, to place terminals – similar to CashCard scanners – at the shops of its partner merchants to receive donations.

Children’s Cancer Foundation

The Children’s Cancer Foundation resumed its flagship fund-raiser, Hair for Hope, in a digital format this year. The event took a hiatus last year due to the pandemic.

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It introduced new elements, like a live-stream broadcast which included performances and a segment where participants shaved their hair.

More than 2,000 participants registered for the campaign and the foundation said it has surpassed its fund-raising target of $1.5 million.


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