A TV, fridge and bed are what most people deem as necessities in their homes, but a man has been living without such comfort.

While distributing food and ang baos to needy families living in rental flats along Senja Road last Friday (Nov 6), a group of volunteers met an uncle who lives alone in a spartan home.

In the photos they shared on Facebook, his belongings can be seen sitting neatly on the floor of his one-room flat.

“Felt sad for this Indian uncle who proudly displays our national flag in his home but there is no chair, table, TV, fridge nor a mattress inside,” Gilbert Goh wrote.

Offers of help soon poured in, with many netizens wanting to donate furniture and home appliances to help the man live more comfortably. One even said they’d help fully furnish the man’s flat.


However, he might not accept these kind offers.

According to Mustsharenews, the uncle told volunteers that he prefers not to have furniture at home, adding that he sleeps on the floor due to an allergic reaction to mattresses.

Since he doesn’t have many belongings, the man has opted to keep them in storage boxes for easy access.

When volunteers visited him again during the weekend, they brought him food and festive snacks.

AsiaOne has contacted the Ministry of Social and Family Development for more information.

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