SINGAPORE – The Singapore Government will contribute US$50,000 (S$66,000) to support disaster relief in Fiji following Cyclone Yasa.

The storm – one of the strongest on record in the South Pacific – destroyed thousands of livelihoods when it hit Fiji on Dec 17 and left at least four people dead.

Singapore’s US$50,000 contribution will be made via the Singapore Red Cross and will help supply first aid items, tarpaulins, shelter materials, safe water, household items and hygiene kits.

The funds supplement the Singapore Red Cross contribution of US$30,000 (S$39,600).

Singapore Red Cross chief executive Benjamin William said: “Our hearts go out to the communities who have been affected by the climate disaster. The cyclone has triggered devastating floods and landslides in Fiji, upheaving the year-end peace.”

The Singapore Red Cross has activated its Restoring Family Links service to help Singaporeans and others locate family members who may have been affected by the disaster.

Those requiring assistance can contact the Singapore Red Cross at


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