‘Singapore shiok!’ Park Eun-bin wants to visit Universal Studios and Botanic Gardens but was told no time

South Korean actress Park Eun-bin may have arrived in Singapore just last night (Nov 10), but she’s already making plans for her next visit.

At a local press conference today, the 30-year-old said her experience has been “so far so great” and that she has noticed that Singapore is clean, nice and environmentally friendly.

Her verdict? A thumbs-up and “Singapore shiok!”

She added: “I’ve never been to any of the Universal Studios, so I want to start with the one in Singapore. I was also recommended to visit the Botanic Gardens.”

While she may be missing out on the sights and sounds, she won’t be missing out on our food, specifically the famous chilli crab.

“It’s my lunch tomorrow and I’m super excited for it,” she added.

Eun-bin is on our shores as part of her first Asian fan meet tour, which takes place tonight at the Capitol Theatre, after the widespread success of her K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo. 

While the domestic reception of the show already surpassed her expectations, she said, “I was really surprised to find out that it wasn’t just Koreans who felt this way, but people around the world as well — it was an extraordinary experience.”

Going back to rom-coms


Admitting to being a bit of a workaholic, Eun-bin said she got her “energy from working” and kept herself “motivated through the achievements” of her different dramas.

“I don’t do anything outside of work,” she said, before clarifying that it was how she relaxed. “I do ‘nothing’ to take a break.”

Since her first role in 1998 — before she even turned six — Eun-bin has acted in everything from musical dramas (Do You Like Brahms?), historical dramas (The King’s Affection) to horror shows (The Witch: Part 2. The Other One, Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp).

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But one genre she still wants to try is a classic rom-com, or “going back to the basics” as she called it.

Despite this, she doesn’t have any concrete plans for 2023.

“One thing about myself that you guys may not know is that I don’t plan far ahead,” she admitted. “I have a tendency to blame myself if things don’t go according to plan.”

For now, her plans next year are to be happy and healthy.

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