Singapore shows grit and determination with impressive medal haul at Asia Youth Pacific Beach Championships

SINGAPORE — Despite facing challenges during their preparation for the tournament, Singapore showcased their tenacity and skill, ultimately securing three silver medals and a bronze at the second Asia Youth Pacific Youth Beach Championships, which took place from August 18 to 20 in Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei.

In a bold move aimed at long-term development and providing invaluable exposure to their players, the Tchoukball Association of Singapore (TBAS) made the courageous decision to send a younger contingent to compete in a higher age group against more experienced opponents.

“Over the course of the past three days, these teams grappled with their debut on sandy terrain. In a strategic move, Singapore opted to send a younger contingent (aged 14-15) to compete in the higher age group category,” shared TBAS on their Facebook page.

TBAS sent a total of four teams to the competition, three boys’ and one girls’ team. Despite the challenge of limited training in proper beach conditions prior to their trip to Chinese Taipei, the Team Singapore athletes displayed tremendous determination and resilience in all their matches.

“Upon reaching the destination, a fresh challenge arose – acclimating to the distinctive beach terrain. Despite the unfamiliar setting posing its own share of obstacles, our teams tackled it with unwavering resolve. Qualifying rounds were a testament to their grit, as they contended against experienced adversaries, securing coveted spots in the finals. This phase of their journey truly tested their mettle, resilience, skills, and unity. This adventure was a tribute to sportsmanship and the relentless pursuit of excellence, spotlighting the remarkable growth and tenacity of our youthful athletes,” said TBAS president Delane Lim.

Photo credit: Tchoukball Association of Singapore

Both the Singapore tchoukball Boys and Girls Under-18 squad faced Chinese Taipei on the final day of competition, but they fell short of a win and had to settle for a silver medal. The boys went down 47-31, while the girls lost 42-22. The boys’ U-15 team and boys’ U12 won the silver and bronze medals, respectively.

Both the Singapore Tchoukball boys’ and girls’ Under-18 squads faced Chinese Taipei on the final day of the Asia Youth Pacific Youth Beach Championships. Unfortunately, they fell short of a victory and had to settle for the silver medals. The boys’ U18 team suffered a 47-31 defeat, while the girls’ U18 team lost with a score of 42-22. The boys’ U15 team secured a silver medal, and the boys’ U12 team claimed the bronze medal.

Although Team Singapore missed out on a gold medal, TBAS explained, “This decision (to send the young ones to compete at a higher aged group) was aimed at fostering their growth at an elevated level and exposing them to the intricacies of the sport. The journey was undoubtedly a challenging one, pitting relative newcomers against seasoned opponents. The hard work and perseverance bore fruit as Singapore clinched medals across all categories, achieving the following results.”

In other developments, two of Tchoukball Singapore’s teams have been nominated for Team of The Year at the Singapore Sports Award Night 2023.  The Singapore national women’s tchoukball team and the girls’ U18 team are nominated in the open and youth categories respectively.

The women’s team claimed the Asia Pacific Tchoukball Championships 2022 title as they defeated powerhouse Chinese Taipei. This victory also resulted in the Singapore national women’s team securing the top spot in the world rankings.

TBAS mentioned that regardless of the outcome, the nominations and inclusion in the final list represent a significant milestone for Tchoukball Singapore. Additionally, the organisation’s recognition as a national sports association earlier this year adds to its list of achievements.

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