Singapore Zoo World’s Best Zoos in the World

Singapore Zoo World's Best Zoos in the World

If you wish to explore the world’s best zoo, you should visit the rainforest zoo in Singapore. The Singapore Tourism Board has already recognized this tropical rainforest zoo for the 9th time with the Best Leisure Attraction Experience Award. Not just from Singapore, the zoo has been attracting tourists from different parts of the world each year, with its fantastic mix of animals that have been kept in a habitat that is perfect for different breeds.

Constructed on a land of about 26 hectares, the Singapore Zoo is home to about 2800 different species or even more. Most importantly, the zoo authorities have made sure that each animal or bird should stay comfortably, and hence they have created different zones depending on the habitat of different species.

This is because you will find animals, reptiles, and birds here from different parts of the world. Moreover, the zoo authorities pay special attention to the conservation of the animals.

Singapore Zoo World’s Best Zoos in the World

When you are here at the Singapore Zoo, you will not see animals in cages, unlike other zoos. You will get to feel an altogether different experience due to different activities that you can do with the animals that are conserved in a natural setting.

What to do at the Singapore Zoo?

Entering this rainforest zoo is going to offer you a different experience with its surroundings. Do not expect to see animals and birds captivated in cages here as you can witness them enjoying their natural habitat.

When you are visiting the world’s best zoo in Singapore, there are so many things that you can do.

  • Go on a wildlife tour to check out how the animals live in the zoo and check them out in their natural habitat.
  • Visit different zones such as Australia or India to check out animals and birds from such zones, who are kept without compromising their natural setup.
  • Have a talk with the keepers to know more about your favorite animals and birds.
  • Feed the animals to get closer to them.
  • Take out some time to have a glimpse of the shows conducted by different animals in the zoo.
  • Let your kids enjoy the activity zones for kids.
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Make sure that you have bought the Singapore Zoo tickets for different activities beforehand to enjoy a complete experience at the zoo.

Check out different Events

The Singapore Zoo conducts different events from time to time to keep the enthusiasm of the tourists and visitors. Depending upon the time and other factors, the zoo arranges different events from time to time such as photo contests, staycations in the wild, and others. You can check out the ongoing events and then can register yourself to double up the fun.

Dining and Shopping:

A tour of the zoo in Singapore can take an entire day. So, to replenish your energy, you will have the option of refreshments within the zoo itself.  There are several cafes where you can stop by to take a break and then move ahead on your adventure once again.

Not just cafes, you will also come across some of the well-known branded restaurants and food joints such as KFC where you can enjoy your meals with your family and friends.

If you are someone from outside Singapore, you will surely wish to get some souvenirs from this place. Once again, the zoo is not going to disappoint you here. You can shop for different options such as plush toys, costumes, and others based on the theme of this rainforest zoo.

Timings and Bookings

Whether you are visiting your tickets for the Singapore Zoo or the Rainforest Kidzworld, both places are open from 8:30 am and closed at 6:00 pm.

The Singapore Zoo ticketsare available for booking in different ways. If you are someone who is a citizen of the country, you can get a membership pass that will offer you visits to the zoo at a much-discounted price. But if you are someone visiting from some other country or you do not wish to get a membership pass, you can buy two different types of tickets based on your requirement.

  • Admission Ticket:
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This is the ticket for entry to the Singapore Zoo. You will get a complimentary tram ride as complimentary with this ticket.

  • Multiple Park Ticket:

If you wish to explore several areas such as different park areas of this rainforest zoo, you can take the multiple park ticket. While booking this ticket, you can choose the parks that you wish to visit.

Important Guidelines for the Visit

When you are planning a visit to the Singapore Zoo, you need to follow certain guidelines to avoid confusion at the last moment.

  • You have to book all your tickets online and need to select your time slot for the visit.
  • To avoid waiting, you should make sure to reach at least 45 minutes before the selected time slot.
  • The ticket prices will be different on peak days and non-peak days.
  • Wildpass is applicable only to the citizens of Singapore.
  • While children below 3 years can enter for free, individuals who are within the age range of 3 years to 12 years will have to get a kid’s ticket.
  • A senior citizen ticket is applicable for locals who are above 60 years old and are carrying proper identification proof.
  • You may have to pay extra for activities that you will be enjoying such as feeding the animals or enjoying a show.
  • The zoo has the authority to deny entry to any individual who is suspicious of fraudulence or other offenses.

If you are not courageous or adventurous enough to go on a wildlife safari, yet you wish to enjoy watching animals enjoying their own quality time, Singapore Zoo is the best option for you. There is so much to witness and do here that you will not even realize how you have spent the entire day.

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Moreover, it is a perfect venture for a family with elders, youngsters, and kids. Just make sure that you plan properly and get your tickets online in advance to get the best time slots and also to get the best-discounted deals on your tickets. 

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