Singaporean man on trial in UK allegedly knelt on wife and smothered her with a pillow

A Singapore man is currently on trial after being charged with murdering his wife in a Newcastle hotel in December. 

According to the Newcastle Crown Court, new findings purported to show that Fong Soong Hert, 51, allegedly knelt on his wife’s shoulders as he smothered her with a pillow.

Fong was charged with murder the day after his wife, Pek Ying Ling, was found lifeless with a pillow covering her face at County Aparthotel on Westgate Road on Dec. 6. He has denied the charges and pleaded not guilty.

The couple was traveling around Europe on holiday and later reunited with Alonzo, the eldest of their three sons who is studying in Newcastle. But the trip took a dark turn after Fong allegedly phoned Alonzo telling him he might have killed his mum. Alonzo later alerted the police. 

Home Office Pathologist Jennifer Bolton yesterday found that there were 11 bruises and petechial hemorrhages all over the victim’s forehead, eyelids, eyeball, in her mouth, on her chin, shoulders, arms and ankles. Petechial hemorrhages, which can look like a rash, are caused when a person’s blood pressure has gone off the charts leading to the tiny blood vessels under the skin bursting.

Bolton testified that the cause of death was smothering and raised the possibility that Pek was being knelt on while the pillow was covering her face.

Toxicology reports also showed there was no alcohol or drugs detected in Pek’s system.

The court also heard a recording from Alonzo in which he made the emergency call to the police saying that Fong told him they had an “argument of some sort” and “lost it.”

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The jury also heard through a recording that Fong, who was in the holding cell, said he “snapped” and “just wanted her to keep quiet.”

Contrary to his alleged actions, Alonzo told police that his parents “showed each other love every day” and that his father was known to be a “very caring and soft-hearted guy.”

The trial continues later today.

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