Singaporean tourist sees unbelievable lines at Genting Highlands theme parks, visitor says queue was 2hrs long

SINGAPORE – “If you are planning to go to Genting, please think twice,” said Tiktok user @Bibipew on Dec 14.

The Singaporean tourist was at Genting Skyworlds theme park when he stumbled upon the massive crowds.

“Now people mountains people sea sibei many people. Every ride super long queue because school holidays,” said the visitor.

The individual showcased the crowd in the area with a video, showing people inching their way across the theme park. The sea of people extended to as far as the camera lens would reach.

Photo: TikTok screengrab/bibipew“Sohai lah. If need to keep queuing like this, I think I really need to jiak sai already,” he added.

A netizen commented on the video, noting that visitors had to queue for two hours to enjoy a ride.

“Almost every ride (queue) up about 2 hours…crazy…custom jam, Genting jam, everywhere also jam,” said a TikTok user.

Meanwhile, others who recently visited the theme park confirmed that the crowds weren’t as bad.

“Not that super jam as this video. Just went last few days it was relatively okay, just the standard queue took up 40 mins or less,” said TikTok user Fiee.

Still, one @Prophet BoBo noted this was nothing new. “Every year, it’s the same story. People still choose to go up. Suck thumb lor.” TikTok user @Bibipew replied, “Repeat the process.”

A netizen asked how was situation with the crowd at the casino. TikTok user @Bibipew wrote, “Casino lots of Auntie and Uncles…They chopped all (jackpot machines), liao.”/TISG

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