Singapore's 'BBC dad'? Wife crawling in background of husband's video call has netizens (and her) in tears

Could this be Singapore’s own version of ‘BBC dad’, five years later?

One Singaporean woman was mortified after she was captured down on all fours, crawling from one side of the room to the other while her husband was in a virtual meeting.

“This is what I did thinking no one saw me,” she wrote.

Unfortunately, they (and all of us) did.

In the clip posted to TikTok on Friday (Nov 18), user Shutzyy, or Shu as she prefers to be known, shared that her husband had been on a video call at home that day when she realised she had to retrieve her watch from the other side of his table.

Not wanting to disrupt the meeting, Shu decided to do the next best thing.

She gingerly slinked across her husband’s screen in the background, twice — there and back — thinking she wouldn’t be seen.

“I thought I had it but I guess I didn’t,” she wrote in the comments, adding, “Stealth mode game weak”.

@shutzyy Stealth mode game weak #fail #videocallfail ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Netizens broke down watching the hilarity unfold.


Many lauded her husband’s self-control in managing to keep a straight face.


However, Shu pointed out that her husband had a “brain fart” where he was momentarily stumped for words upon noticing the unusual scene playing out in the background.


She replied to a comment that he was also “too shocked to do anything at the moment”, such as adjusting the camera.

The hilarious 22-second clip has since amassed over 300,000 views in the two days since it was posted. 

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It even made it across to her husband’s colleagues in the US who saw the clip.

As if getting caught in the act wasn’t bad enough, Shu shared that her husband, who works in a tech company, was conducting a presentation to a client that day.

He is still unsure if they had noticed her. But if they did, they sure didn’t say anything.

“Because he was sharing his screen in that call, so maybe they weren’t focused on his video but on the content that was shared,” Shu explained to AsiaOne.

Shu added in the comments that she has since received a “lecture” from her husband over the fiasco.

But the humour in the situation was certainly not lost on the 29-year-old makeup artist who admitted to laughing till she cried when reviewing the clip, “after apologising many times”.


Many others gave their suggestions on what they would have done in the scenario, and compared the clip to the viral ‘BBC dad’ video from 2017.

“It might just be fine to walk and take your watch? My colleague has his cat crawling across his laptop,” one commenter noted.

Shu replied that her husband too, told her that “it would be less embarrassing” if she had just walked across to take it.

And what was her biggest takeaway from the incident?

“To leopard crawl [next time]… just kidding,” she joked.

“It’s to just get his attention first so he can turn off the camera,” added Shu with a laugh.

The incident would also have been prevented, suggested other commenters, if her husband had just used a virtual background.

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But where would the fun be in that?

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