Singapore’s other custom PC company Dreamcore unveils brand new retail centre

It’s been a while since Dreamcore has hit our radar and it seems that the company has been chugging along quietly. In fact, to some level of success!

Tucked into a light industrial locale in Ubi, Singapore, it’s hard to believe that among neighbours that deal in scrap and industrial parts there exists a space akin to an oasis.

Dream Centre mural

Stepping out of the lift, it’s you’re assured that the company’s vibe is certainly different. Up on the walls are murals that have a distinct purple palette which Dreamcore associates with.

Service centre? This doesn’t seem like any of that once you’ve stepped through their doors. Although the main purpose of the Dream Centre would be to cover Dreamcore’s growing office, retail, and customer service needs.

If you’re here to check out the company’s latest builds, you’re given a good idea of how it all comes together. In combination with Dreamcore’s sub-brand, SuperSolid, folks can get a glimpse of the company’s full suite of products and services.

While you’re here, customers will be able to get a glimpse of the custom PCs being assembled in real-time. The Dream Factory, as seen above, looks like a small form factor case from some angles!

Dream Centre's Dream Factory

Shipping out a range of 50 to 100 PCs a day, the team has grown accordingly to the demands of the customer according to the founders, Shaun Tan, Eugene Lim and Kwan Wei Zhong.

But when it comes to PCs, Dreamcore has bigger ambitions ahead.

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House within the same space is a dedicated esports training room. It’s rather small now but it works considering there’s a lack of such available spaces for teams to gather. At present, Paper Rex, a Valorant team, is the team in residence at the moment.

Delving deeper into the Dream Centre, we got a chance to even take a peek at their upcoming hex.kbd collaboration. Plenty, plenty of purple to go around.

While the facade looks fancy, it seems that the company is still very much a work in progress. Peeking at their desks, even the co-founder works off his existing Dream One PC which was released back in 2017.

Dream CentreDream CentreDream CentreDream Centre's Dream Factory


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