Singapore’s roti prata is the 11th best bread in the world!

Roti prata, a soft and crisp flatbread, found its way to Singapore through Indian immigrants. Its origin is traced to India, possibly from Punjabi wheat dishes or the bread-making skills of Muslim conquerors. Regardless of its roots, roti prata has become an integral part of Indian cuisine in Singapore.

How to prepare roti prata

To create roti prata, a mixture of flour, ghee or margarine, and salt is used to form a stiff dough. Kneading the dough introduces air, making it light and pliable. The dough is then divided and allowed to rest for several hours. The most challenging part of the process involves skillfully stretching the dough until it becomes paper-thin before cooking on a hot griddle. A well-made prata should have a crisp exterior and a soft interior.

Roti Prata
Photo: Screengrab from Taste Atlas

Roti prata variations in Singapore

Traditionally, roti prata comes in two common types: plain prata and prata with egg. However, modern eateries in Singapore have introduced innovative versions, incorporating ingredients like cheese, mushrooms, bananas, chocolate, and even ice cream into the dish.

Variations also include muruthapa, which includes minced meat, eggs, and onions, and vegetarian options with vegetable fillings. Tissue prata, an exceptionally thin and crispy version drizzled with evaporated milk and sugar, is another delightful variation.

Roti prata is a versatile staple in Singaporean cuisine, enjoyed throughout the day, though it’s most commonly consumed for breakfast, dipped in curry or savoured with new-fangled fillings.

If you want to check why it turned out to be the 11th best bread in the world, one notable Roti Prata is from Mr and Mrs Mohgan’s. One review from food critic Leslie Tay will probably convince you to try it yourself; he said, “This is how Roti Prata is supposed to be!”

Roti Prata’s global recognition as the 11th best bread according to Taste Atlas is a testament to its delicious appeal. As a Singaporean who enjoys it daily, what’s your favourite roti prata variation – plain, sweet, or savoury?



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