The photo collage shows A-Mei (left) and Issac Chen’s baby son. (Courtesy of A-Mei/Issac Chen/Facebook)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese singer A-Mei (張惠妹) burst into tears after she received a phone call from Isaac Chen (陳鎮川) telling her the birth of his baby son on Monday.

Issac, the music producer and representative of A-Mei told the local media on Monday that when he shared the baby’s photo with A-Mei, he didn’t expect her to react so excitedly to tears.

“I gave birth to a son. What are you crying about? ” Issac said.

Issac Chen (right) (Courtesy of Issac Chen /Facebook)

According to various reports, A-Mei knew Issac’s efforts to have a child, and when she saw the baby’s photo, she couldn’t help crying excitedly.

The 52-year-old music producer announced on social media on Monday that he and his husband Darren Chen welcomed their son through surrogacy in the United States.

He shared a photo of his baby son and wrote: “Ladies and gentlemen, I am the son of Achuan (Issac’s nickname) and Darren. Pleased to meet you!”

Since Issac and Darren are both surnamed Chen, they named their son “Chen Chen” who is 48-centimeter height and weighs 3,200 grams.

The surrogacy arrangement costs the gay couple NT$4.5 million (US$161,459).

According to reports, due to the pandemic, the son is still taken care of by a Taiwanese nanny in the U.S.

Issac Chen shared a photo of his baby son. (Courtesy of Issac Chen/Facebook)

In July last year, Issac married his boyfriend Darren, who had been together for nine years.

After marriage, Issac revealed on social media that he hoped to have his own children.

The two started surrogacy procedures in early 2019.

Darren’s sperm was paired with an Asian woman’s eggs, and “Chen Chen” was born of surrogacy in the U.S.

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Both of them wanted to fly to the U.S. to welcome the baby.

However, the doctor advised them not to go to the U.S. After some agreement, the couple decided to stay at home and wait for their children to come to Taiwan.

According to Chinese-language media’s reports, “Chen Chen” is expected to fly back to Taiwan in late March or early April accompanied by a babysitter.



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