Someone is selling a custom iPhone 11 Pro inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck

The iPhone 11 Pro is already one of the most expensive phones you can buy, but someone figured out how to take it up another notch.

Russian firm Caviar has created the Cyberphone, which is basically a modified iPhone 11 Pro styled after the Tesla Cybertruck – you know, Elon Musk’s futuristic cyberpunk truck with questionable windows.

The Cyberphone is really just a titanium body built around the iPhone 11 Pro, and even the screen itself is protected by a foldable metal plate when you’re not using the phone.

The stark geometry of the Cyberphone is clearly modelled on the Cybertruck, and it’s also got a brushed metal finish to go with it.

This isn’t the first time Caviar has taken an Apple product and done something ridiculous to it.

The company’s penchant for the opulent was on display when it made the Swiss Dreams Watchphone, a US$22,170 (S$30,400) iPhone XS Max with a gold-plated Apple Watch 4 strapped to its back. And then there was the US$4,500 iPhone X with a solar charger built into its back, and also spruced up carbon fibre AirPods.

I don’t know how this company is even making money, but the Cyberphone starts at US$5,999 for the iPhone 11 Pro 64GB. The company is no longer listing the price on its website, instead asking you to contact them for a quote. They’re only making 99 units, and 23 have already been snapped up.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.


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