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Singapore – A pet owner took to social media to complain about the inaccurate advice and poor service they received from a pet seller. In response to the incident, members from the online community urged for the seller to be reported and have the store’s license revoked.

On Thursday (September 11), a certain Del Phua took to Facebook to share their experience with a pet shop named Imperial Pets and explained why they do not recommend the store.

Ms Phua had purchased a puppy from Imperial Pets on August 23 and experienced multiple issues after that, such as the wrong microchip being placed on Money (the puppy’s name). “The seller claimed that this so-called ‘wrong microchip is a small issue,” said Ms Phua who noted that their applied license number for the device would be inaccurate.

Money was also filled with lumps, rashes and dander, shared Ms Phua. They brought Money to the vet a day after, yet was informed by the seller that “the condition was due to the vaccine flushing out all the toxins” from the body.

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The seller had also allegedly warned Ms Phua never to use the medicated cream or shampoo provided by the vet as “it’s poison, and if the dog licks it, it will die of poisoning.” She was also advised to use her finger to scrape out the dried skin. The seller recommended to use “999” soap instead and to give Money lots of fluids to flush out the toxins.

From August 24 until September 3, Ms Phua and the seller had multiple exchanges regarding the pup’s condition, all the while being reassured by the seller that the issue was “just a minor skin irritation.”

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The pet owner went to friends and other pet sellers for a second opinion and was informed that Money’s condition was severe. They advised her that the lumps were scabies and ringworm, both a highly-contagious skin parasite that requires veterinarian intervention. Ms Phua did bring her puppy to another vet, and the condition was confirmed.

“I am utterly disgusted by what the seller had told me all this while!” said Ms Phua. The skin condition had caused mites to eat Money’s flesh to the point of bleeding while the lumps were filled with pus. Ms Phua and her family had also developed itchy rashes as a result. “Not a professional and also a dishonest seller!” she commented about the pet store. Included in her post were graphic images of Money’s condition as well as the diagnoses from the vets.

Members from the online community urged Ms Phua to report the seller and have their license revoked. “You poor puppy probably got it from another, too,” said Facebook user Karen Ang. “Reporting will help other animals get help soon and fast too.”

Photo: FB screengrab/Del Phua

Photo: FB screengrab/Del Phua

Photo: FB screengrab/Del Phua

The Independent Singapore has reached out to Imperial Pets for a statement on the incident.

purchased: 23 aug 2020 from *Imperial pets* Highly not recommended as follows:1st- micro chip doesn’t belong to…

Posted by Del Phua on Thursday, 10 September 2020

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