Spring in the desert

Tourists riding camels to see the Crescent Moon Spring at the base of Mingsha Mountain in Dunhuang, north-western China, early on Monday morning.

The desert oasis, which resembles a crescent moon from afar, is located in an aeolian sand environment in the ancient city in Gansu province that is famous for its “singing sand dunes”. When the wind blows, the dunes give out a singing or drumming sound.

The best period to visit the scenic spot is from May to October, and the best times of the day are at sunrise, sunset and night-time when the lighting conditions make for stunning views.

Visitors can opt for activities such as camping, motorcycle riding or sand sliding, amid the striking desert landforms.

Dunhuang, a tourist draw with its history as a Silk Road outpost, is home to several other major tourist attractions, including the Mogao Caves, a Unesco World Heritage Site with ancient Buddhist carvings.

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