StarHub customers can get Disney+ Singapore for free

First some math.

A Disney+ subscription in Singapore costs $11.98 per month or $119.98 per year. You can subscribe directly for Disney+ in Singapore but for StarHub customers, it could get sweeter.

There are 3 customer groups within StarHub who will get Disney+ for free, they are existing and new –

  • TV+ customers
  • 2Gbps fibre broadband customers
  • $95 or $155 mobile phone price plan customers

At a quick glance, the customer groups who typically enjoy free Disney+ in Singapore would be folks who are locked into a contract. It’s not something quite financially prudent these days but some users have unique circumstances.

For example, maybe they’d like to get the latest Samsung S21 without having to shell out a big initial cost.

Regardless, let’s do the math to see which customer group in StarHub gets the best value for Disney+ in Singapore.

For StarHub TV+ customers

Firstly, you’d need to sign up for 2 TV+ Passes, the cheapest here being Filipino / Indian / Malay content for $15 per pass.

This adds up the monthly outlay to $30 per month and you’d need to sign up for a minimum of 24 months.

Thus, this brings up the cost to $720. With Disney+ Singapore costing $119.98 per year and you get 2 years free, the math works out to $480.04 over 24 months.

For StarHub 2Gbps Fibre Broadband customers

Based on the current deal, broadband customers will have a monthly outlay of S$62.90 per month. The first month is free with a minimum contract of 24 months.

This brings up the total cost ofS$1446.70 for a service which is more or less essential for the home.

Discounting the Disney+ offer, broadband customers only get a 12-month deal. So that works out to $1326.72 over 24 months.

What’s cool here is that if you have 1 more month left on your fibre broadband plan, StarHub will give you 12 months of Disney+ as long as you remain a customer. Same applies for mobile phone customers below.

For StarHub $95 or $155 mobile phone price plan customers

This is probably the most expensive offer, or could be the cheapest if your company covers your mobile phone plan.

For $95, the total cost across 24 months would come up to $2280. Discounting the Disney+ 1 year offer, this works out to $2160.02 over 24 months.

For $95, the total cost across 24 months would come up to $2760. Discounting the Disney+ 1 year offer, this works out to $2640.02 over 24 months.

This doesn’t include all the additional value-added service one might grab together with the mobile phone plan and the mobile phone initial outlay.

A “free” Disney+ subscription isn’t as free as it seems.


Some points to note

Here’s a handy table to give you the numbers at a glance:


  Total Cost (24 months) Disney+ Cost Final Cost
TV+ $720 S$239.96 $480.04
Fibre Broadband $1446.70 S$119.98 $1326.72
Mobile Phone (S$95) $2280 S$119.98 $2160.02
Mobile Phone ($155) $2760 S$119.98 $2640.02

If it were up to us to decide, the free Disney+ subscription makes the most sense for fibre broadband customers considering it would be an essential utility in this day and age. While it might make more sense to get Disney+ direct, this is still a nice perk for existing and new StarHub customers.

This article was first published in Geek Culture.


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