Start your week with this comforting bowl of pork noodles at Kepong's Restoran YT Tiga Dua

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 17 — Over the weekend, a friend was enticing everyone with pictures of the pork noodles she had discovered.

It definitely stirred everyone’s cravings as another friend was asking to meet up for lunch to try that comforting bowl of pork noodles.

I managed to make it to this place just before they were closing for the day.

Like every good dish, what drives the deliciousness is the ingredients. Here, the bowl of noodles is simple but well executed as the ingredients are incredibly fresh.

According to Yong who runs the place, they get fresh supplies every day and start from 4am to prepare the meat and spare parts for the noodles.

They have been in business for 20 years, starting out as a stall inside the popular Restoran Double Seven which is a few doors away. About three years ago, they moved into their own shop.

The recipes are from Yong’s mother and he carries on her Hakka legacy.

Larger groups can also order their vinegar pork trotter to share or you can take it away for another meal.

Larger groups can also order their vinegar pork trotter to share or you can take it away for another meal.

Each element of the pork noodles is well executed. The basic bowl is served with minced meat patty, sliced pork meat, liver and coagulated pig’s blood cube. It is priced at RM9 for a small bowl or RM10, for the large.

If you want more, go for the ultimate bowl that is their basic bowl with the addition of pig’s kidney and a poached egg for RM14.

What I really enjoyed was their minced meat patty. It’s just cooked so it retains a softer bite. The liver also has a creamy texture. You won’t get any funky smells too with their pig’s kidney. Even the sliced meat is tender. Don’t forget those golden lard fritters as they’re crunchy nuggets of deliciousness.

The broth isn’t as rich as that at other places but it goes well with the ingredients, which are the star of this bowl of pork noodles.

They also serve loh mee with wine, and various noodles like yee mee with egg. There’s also side orders like braised pork trotters, vinegar pork trotters, and pig’s kidney with ginger wine.

I managed to try the vinegar pork trotters (RM20) and it was well executed with tender pieces of meat and soft, gelatinous skin. I liked how it came with lots of sliced ginger. The sauce is thick and a balanced one that is not overly sharp with vinegar.

Restoran YT Tiga Dua, No. 19, Jalan Sri Bintang 3, Taman Sri Bintang, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. Open: 7am to 2pm. Closed on Tuesday. Tel:+6012-6665699.


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