'Steak the same size as the potato': Passenger recounts disappointing meal on $6,977 Korean Air business class flight

A few potatoes, a credit card-sized steak, and a small pat of butter — that’s what one dissatisfied passenger received on board a Korean Air business class flight recently.

What’s probably worse? The one-way flight cost 6.48 million won (S$6,977).

A photo of the in-flight meal was posted on an online forum by the unnamed passenger, reported SBS News, with the passenger sharing that they were returning to Korea on a business class seat from Honolulu, Hawaii.

In the post written in Korean on June 13, the passenger shared that despite the expensive airfare, they had been excited about the trip as it was their first overseas flight in two years.

But the excitement was soon met with disappointment.

According to 8world, the passenger was initially surprised to discover that the flight had dispensed with the hot towels and alcohol service.

But an even greater shock was in store.

When it came time for the in-flight meal service, the passenger stated that grumbles of dissatisfaction could be heard by other passengers all around.

The steak option consisted of a few paltry vegetables, potatoes, a small steak and “half a cup of wine”. In a photo taken by the passenger, a credit card was placed beside the small serving of food as a size comparison.


In addition, the passenger described how the servings of cheese were sliced thinly, “like sashimi”.

His complaint prompted one anonymous netizen who claimed to be a flight attendant at the airline to respond, “I’m sorry that the steak was the same size as the potato.”

The flight attendant also added that they were “ashamed”. 

The meal was hardly satisfying, as “after a while, everyone ordered ramen,” the passenger wrote. “But when I ordered a little later, they had run out.”

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There is one saving grace about the flight, however.

The business class passenger shared they were impressed by the service and attitude of the flight attendants, as they still managed to keep their smiles intact despite receiving numerous complaints.

The passenger wrote that they finished their food despite their dissatisfaction as they understood the difficulties that flight attendants face.

The business class passenger’s review which went viral appears to come hot on the heels of criticisms about Korean Air.

Korea Times reported on June 9 about how the airline has been slammed by customers and even its flight attendants about the poor in-flight services provided.

One criticism levelled at the airline was how it was skimping on its onboard supplies in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, even as air ticket prices have doubled.

“I am worried that low-quality service will become the norm,” wrote one business class passenger, who complained how ticket prices were “much higher” but services unrelated to the pandemic were reduced.

According to the Korea Times, another passenger had described how his request for a blanket was rejected by a flight attendant who simply said “she couldn’t” and “just kept saying sorry”.

Yet another business class passenger shared that he was refused a second glass of champagne, with the flight attendant adding, “no soda”.