Step up pace of technological breakthroughs, Chinese President Xi Jinping urges

Xi was speaking during a tour of the eastern province of Zhejiang, one of the country’s main economic powerhouses, where he called for the faster application of research, intelligent green development in manufacturing and for clusters of internationally competitive clusters of emerging digital businesses.

Xi hails IOC’s ‘non-politicisation of sport’ ahead of Asian Games opening

On Thursday he told local officials: “We should put the enhancement of scientific and technological innovation capacity in a more prominent position, integrate scientific and technological innovation forces and advantageous resources, and accelerate breakthroughs in the frontier fields of science and technology.”

According to state news agency Xinhua, he also said: “The development of the industrial supply chain must be planned with a global perspective, and the resilience and security level of the industrial supply chain must be continuously improved.

“[We must] strengthen the main roles of enterprises in technological innovation, push ahead and deepen the integration of the different chains of innovation, industry, capital and human resources, [so that] the fruit of our research and development can be realised.”

Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang, is currently hosting the Asian Games, and on Saturday Xi presided over the opening ceremony accompanied by several foreign leaders including Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and South Korean Prime Minister Han Duck-soo.

Outside the Games, Xi toured several locations in the province, where he served as governor and party secretary between 2002 and 2007, and addressed some urgent issues the country is facing, such as the intensifying tech-war with the West.


China’s Xi Jinping opens Asian Games with calls for solidarity and inclusiveness through sports

China’s Xi Jinping opens Asian Games with calls for solidarity and inclusiveness through sports

On Wednesday, Xi visited Yiwu, a trading hub for small business that is often seen as a barometer for Chinese exports. During the visit, he encouraged the traders to make a greater contribution to “the expansion of domestic and international markets and smoothing trade circulation both domestically and internationally”.

The country’s exports are one of its key economic drivers, but have been hit by slackening international demand and tensions between China and the West.

He said revitalising villages could offer young people “a place to show their talents” and expressed his hope that more young people would play an active role in developing the countryside.

China’s youth unemployment had been consistently reaching new highs before the authorities abruptly stopped releasing data last month. According to the latest available figures, more than one in every five people aged 16-24 in China was jobless in April.

‘Even bigger glory’: Xi seeks to boost confidence with Yiwu market stroll

Xi stressed the necessity of prioritising employment, saying “the employment problems of key groups must be solved”.

He also stressed the need for a “close and clean” new relationship between business and government, after the former Communist Party secretary of Hangzhou was given a death sentence, suspended for two years, for corruption in July.

On his way back to Beijing, Xi stopped in Zaozhuang, in eastern Shandong province, where he heard about farmers’ efforts to increase their incomes by growing pomegranates.


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