Stories Behind The Mask: Local artistes forced to find other ways to make ends meet

Artistes are one of the most tremendously affected by the pandemic as they depend on physical interaction and live experiences.

With Covid-19 curbing all forms of face-to-face interaction, artistes are forced to find other ways to make ends meet.

For artistic director of The Theatre Practice Kuo Jian-hong, it is no surprise when her theatre shows were forced to shut down after only performing two out of the thirty shows originally planned.

Not only that but as the pandemic prolonged, many were doubtful of their choices to continue performing and some even decided to pursue full-time careers instead, giving up on the arts altogether.

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However, Jian-hong, together with her theatre troupe, has found alternatives which involve making use of technology to showcase their talents.

In this episode of Stories Behind The Mask, we meet up with Jian-hong, as she shares the challenges and difficulties faced by her theatre troupe amid the Covid-19 pandemic as well as explore the parameters The Theatre Practice have put in place in order to continue doing what they love.

Stories Behind The Mask is presented by Dettol.


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