TAIPEI — A social media user recently shared CCTV footage on Facebook in which a ‘long-haired ghost’ is seen standing by a door of a house in Taiwan and staring outside, drawing much attention from the media.

The social media user explained on Thursday that the CCTV camera set at his friend’s house caught an unknown figure at the door at night. The footage almost scared his friend’s mother to death.

The footage recorded at 8.27pm on Tuesday shows a long-haired woman with a pale face standing by the front door. The ‘ghost’ does not move, looking outside of the house with an angry face.

Contrary to all speculations, the social media user later found out that the ‘ghost’ was actually the reflection of the family car’s tire.

In just a few hours, however, more than 2,000 people commented on the video, with some saying that “It’s really like a supernatural photo if you don’t look carefully.”

One wrote: “It feels like a ghost bride,” while another said: “Thank God, you explain it first; otherwise a bunch of people will be spooked.”

In response, some netizens even added filters to the photo to make the whole photo look more frightening.


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