Taiwan pastor draws ire of Blackpink fans for questioning the group's popularity 

KUALA LUMPUR, March 24 — A pastor based in Taiwan has got Blackpink fans all riled up for questioning why the K-pop group is more famous than Jesus Christ.

Taking to his Facebook, Wayne Zhang said he could not fathom why 40,000 tickets were sold out in a second and ticket purchasers ended up yelling at the top of their lungs during the concert for three hours.

“But to meet (Jesus) just beside your house, with no need to queue, for 90 minutes, it is too long!”

He also asked why people willingly forked out NT$4,400 (RM641), or even NT$100,000 (RM14,585) to watch four people who will never know them.

“(But) everybody is not willing to get to know a best friend who is willing to die for you on the cross,” he added, reminding people to come and see Him on Easter.

Before ending his post, Zhang wondered if the problem was due to churches not living up to Jesus’ values.

“This is not Jesus’ fault, but the fault of modern churches,” he wrote.

After drawing brickbats from fans also known as Blinks, Zhang shared in a separate post that his previous post was talking about values.

“People will defend what they love, and if something is valuable, people will defend them,” he said, stressing that Blackpink is talented.

According to Zhang, he is old-school and prefers U2 and Andy Lau. He added that he would not hesitate to spend NT$100,000 to get tickets to watch Heavenly King Lau in concert.

“Let us all continue to fight for things that are valuable!”


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